“Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the world.”


"I am a working class Yorkshire lad, born in Leeds and brought up in Blackpool.  All my life I have worked as a performer.  Whether it be as an actor, singer or musician, I could imagine doing nothing else.  I studied performing arts amongst some inspiring tutors and supportive and hard working peers at Blackpool and Fylde College, going on to study a Masters Degree at ALRA North Drama School.  Life has took me on many different paths.  I welcome all challenges and love all that the performing arts has to offer.

If you're a fan of my work, please feel free to follow my social media accounts, send me a message or check out my latest news page to keep up to date with everything I am doing.  For further enquires please visit www.eoc-management.co.uk for details on how to book me for your next project.  Or for all Queen related enquires, please visit www.queentributeuk.com."

Seth Daniels


Here you can see past and present projects I have had the plessure of being a part of over the years within film and screen work.

BRIGHT EYES - RYAN J SMITH (Thunderstorm Entertainment / Black Tea Productions)

The latest film by up and coming film-maker Ryan J Smith is a futuristic take on undercover espionage.  "Bright Eyes" will be heading to festivals summer 2018.


Nick Thomas directs a short film based upon Charlie Brooker's "Black Mirror" series.  Tom uses biomechanic enhancements to try and cure his depression after the death of his family, but the AI takes drastic messures whilst trying to cure him.

SAVE DAVE - SION CAMBELL (Commercial campaign)

This is Dave.  Dave is a stuck in a rut kind of guy but he tries his best.  A very funny, slapstick commercial directed by Sion Cambell to promote a new smart watch.  Dave's life seemingly falls to pieces until he puts on his new watch.


Alfie lives alone and is determined to live life like normal people do. The problem with Alfie is he doesn't know how to be normal. So Alfie travels around sketching and profiling all the interesting people he sees going to work, playing in the park, falling in love and living a normal life, in the hope that one day he finds the perfect person to copy so he too can become a happy, normal member of society.

This magical film, written and directed by Giorgia Perini was filmed in 2015 in partnership with Staffordshire University.  The film went to international festivals and since then has received great feedback and beautiful support from fans of the film.  Since I.D, Giorgia has gone on to become very succesful working across Europe.

SAD SANTA - SETH DANELS (Blank Space Productions)

What does Santa do the othr 364 day of the year.  "Santa" tries to find a new calling in life, by searching for a new job but rejection leaves him questioning his purpose in life.


ZEDS is a short film directed by Lynne Harwood and produced in collaboration with ALRA North.  It shows a futuristic society ruled by a system of class and segregation.

TURQUOISE - ANDREW ST MAUR (Clastic Productions)

A couple start to drift apart as work gets in the way of life.  Is it too late for Mark to mend the gap between him and hi wife?

MILES APART - FAZIL MUHAMMED (Studio Flare Productions)

Mark gets the call he has been dreading for some time, his daughter has taken a turn for the worse.  This film, written and directed by Fazil Muhammed went on to win BEST DRAMA at the BFI Future Film Festival.


Here you can see past and present theatre projects I have had the plessure of being a part of.

EARTHQUAKES IN LONDON - ADAM QUAYLE (Academy of Live and Recorded arts - ALRA)

Earthquakes in London was a final production for the Masters Degree in professional acting course at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA).


"One Flesh" is a new play by writer and director Naomi Sumner, exploring the U.K. Evangelical Church's attitude to same sex marriage which toured Feb/March 2016. Supported by ACE.


George Orwell's poignant novel 1984, was brought to life as the students of ALRA North's post graduate degree staged a Northern tour of the stageplay. 

Directed by Liz Postlethwaite in partnership with The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts.

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