• Seth Daniels

Film Shoot - Fighting Man

It was a great privialage to get the opportunity to act within RAWR Production's most recent short film shoot for "Fighting Man", directed by Matthew Hoult.

The short film, by Matthew Hoult will be edited into a music video as well as a short film. The film stars Manchester based actor Dean Gregory, and is about the struggle of alcohol addiction. I had the honour of playing the chairman of the AA group within the film.

It was a fantastically fast paced day. Producer Arianna Hoult had packed a tight schedule into getting the most out of the 3 day shoot and it was a pleasure to witness the might of RAWR productions working like true professionals to get the most out of every shot.

It was also an absolute pleasure to act with Dean Gregory for the first time. His honesty and vulnerability with his character was tangible in the atmosphere and it made it incredibly easy for me to connect with him.

I also have to say, the atmosphere created by Matthew and his team was made even more beautiful by the incredible talent of the supporting artists.

I can't wait to see the finished film and will update you all on it's progress.


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