• Seth Daniels

Queen Tribute Rock Pontins

Wow! That always comes in to my head when I get a chance to perform as Freddie Mercury in front of the amazing fans of Queen around the world. This saturday was a paticular high for me as Majesty - a Tribute to Queen closed Pontin's spectaculat 48 Hour Party Weekender.

Seth Daniels - as Freddie Mercury

As we watched the last of Go West's amazing set, we got ready to do what we do best. We powered on to the stage in true Queen fashion and was met by an audience who I can only describe as "up for it!"

However, as all tributes out there know, you have to prove your worth before they give you that kind of attention, so we always work hard to give every ounce of energy we have into the performance and I can say it was worth it!

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